Minor Celebrity Spots 56 & 57

I think I’m going to stop blogging these in 2011.  I just see too many minor celebrities that it’s super boring.  But I did see two on New Year’s Eve so they are the final additions to the canon.

56 – Philip Bretheton, actor from grandparent-friendly sitcom As Time Goes By.

57 – Peter Serafinowicz aka Darth Maul (or to be more precise Darth Maul’s voice) and former alumnus of Mr Beet’s school.

As this is the final spot, I thought I’d rank my top and bottom 5 spots.

Top 5

1.  The Queen and Prince Philip – is the Queen even technically a celebrity?  She’s almost too famous to count.

2. Camilla Parker-Bowles – another royal spot.  She drove past me with her car window open and I didn’t poke her or nothing.  Honest, guv’nor.

3.  Denise Lewis – the only celebrity I high-fived.

4.  Mark Lawson – for sheer volume of spots, I must have seen him a dozen times.

5. Westlife – A survey of the number of google hits on a search for their name (12.3 million) shows that they are the most famous of my other spots, narrowly beating Emma Watson (10.5 million).

Bottom 5

1. The girl from the Polo advert, where she’s taking her driving test and the examiner makes her read the polo advert to test her eyesight.  The only spot that I can’t actually find out their name, so that is pretty obscure.

2. Local news journalists – so many to choose from.

3. Nole Marin – pretty obscure and my only international spot, spotted in New York.

4. Sarfraz Manzoor – another journalist, only recognised because I’d seen a photo of him the same day in the paper.

5.   Aidan McArdle – aka that guy from that thing, you know, that programme, with that actress who used to be in that other thing.


Elephant Parade – the Top 5

5. Blackberry Elephant (“Bramble”) beautiful striking artwork with no gimmicks.

4.  Filigree Elephant (“Ampersand”) see-through and very tactile

3. Speech Bubble Elephant (“The Illustrated Elephant”)  Looks joyful.

2. Camouflaged Elephant (“Russell”) If I’d have got a better photo he really would have looked as if he was disappearing into the background.

1. City Elephant (“The City in the Elephant”) Elephants inside elephants.  The most fun.  Look at my happy little face.