I noticed that my half-marathon photo gives the impression that it was an all-women race, which it was not.  Let’s all play spot-the-man or, as I like to call it, Where’s Willy?


Minor Celebrity Spots 56 & 57

I think I’m going to stop blogging these in 2011.  I just see too many minor celebrities that it’s super boring.  But I did see two on New Year’s Eve so they are the final additions to the canon.

56 – Philip Bretheton, actor from grandparent-friendly sitcom As Time Goes By.

57 – Peter Serafinowicz aka Darth Maul (or to be more precise Darth Maul’s voice) and former alumnus of Mr Beet’s school.

As this is the final spot, I thought I’d rank my top and bottom 5 spots.

Top 5

1.  The Queen and Prince Philip – is the Queen even technically a celebrity?  She’s almost too famous to count.

2. Camilla Parker-Bowles – another royal spot.  She drove past me with her car window open and I didn’t poke her or nothing.  Honest, guv’nor.

3.  Denise Lewis – the only celebrity I high-fived.

4.  Mark Lawson – for sheer volume of spots, I must have seen him a dozen times.

5. Westlife – A survey of the number of google hits on a search for their name (12.3 million) shows that they are the most famous of my other spots, narrowly beating Emma Watson (10.5 million).

Bottom 5

1. The girl from the Polo advert, where she’s taking her driving test and the examiner makes her read the polo advert to test her eyesight.  The only spot that I can’t actually find out their name, so that is pretty obscure.

2. Local news journalists – so many to choose from.

3. Nole Marin – pretty obscure and my only international spot, spotted in New York.

4. Sarfraz Manzoor – another journalist, only recognised because I’d seen a photo of him the same day in the paper.

5.   Aidan McArdle – aka that guy from that thing, you know, that programme, with that actress who used to be in that other thing.