Elephant Parade – the Top 5

5. Blackberry Elephant (“Bramble”) beautiful striking artwork with no gimmicks.

4.  Filigree Elephant (“Ampersand”) see-through and very tactile

3. Speech Bubble Elephant (“The Illustrated Elephant”)  Looks joyful.

2. Camouflaged Elephant (“Russell”) If I’d have got a better photo he really would have looked as if he was disappearing into the background.

1. City Elephant (“The City in the Elephant”) Elephants inside elephants.  The most fun.  Look at my happy little face.


Elephant 20 – The Final Instalment

Last day for elephant spotting – could I get the full set of 258?

Martin Luther King Elephant

Daisy Elephant

Dodo Elephant

Old London Town Elephant

Orchid Elephant

Fancy Top, Pyjama Bottoms Elephant

Doors Elephant

Tulips Elephant

Menagerie Elephant

Vinyl Elephant

Harrods Elephant

Colourful Elephant – I probably could have got a better picture, but if I stayed much longer I might have gone medieval on some tourist arse.

Pink and Black Elephant

Psst… Elephant

Water Damage Elephant

Woolly Mammoth Elephant

Hotch Potch Elephant

Fake Eyelashes Elephant

Ornate Elephant

London Boroughs Elephant

Fancy Skeleton Elephant

Comic Book Elephant

Archway Elephant

Designer Elephant

William Morris Elephant

Global Elephant

Black Eye Elephant

Chelsea Pensioner Elephant

Grassy Elephant

Coconut Elephant

Dribbly Elephant

Diversity Elephant

Patriotic Elephant

Butterfly Elephant

Penultimate Pachyderm

Final Elephant – No 258!  Whoop Whoop!

Finally I can blog about something else.

Elephant Parade 19

Elusive Pornographic* Elephant – originally on show at Selfridges but moved because his “autumnul leaves” are in fact cut outs from porn magazines.  I mean, you’d have to look pretty hard to notice that, but yeah, he’s covered in close ups of genitals.  So now he’s viewable by appointment only at Chinawhites.  It’s dead good though – you go down a darkened corridor and he’s at the end covered in spotlights and they’re playing elephant music.  My photo was rubbish.

Bejewelled Elephant at Royal Exchange

Mini Piggy Bank Elephant – not an official elephant so doesn’t count towards total

Tower of London Elephant

This elephant pisses champagne, so they have a waiter positioned behind to catch it.

Rubber Elephant (another one viewable by appointment only)

Bird Elephant

Cautionary Elephant at St James Park

Headband Elephant

X Ray Elephant

Grayson Perry Elephant

Subtle Tartan Elephant

Jockey Elephant

Sparkly Toes Elephant

Butler on Elephant

Running total, 222 down 36 to go

*I’m tagging this, just to mess with people

Elephant Parade 17

A few hours out and about to try to nab a few more:

Cloudia – the famous moving elephant.  I bumped into her at Greenwich.

Archive Photo Elephant – at Museum of London Docklands

Tiny People Elephant at the Hoxton Hotel

Cosmological Elephant at Bank

Motorway Elephant at Bank

Colourful Elephant at Royal Exchange

Taxi Elephant at Royal Exchange.  Two more elephants inside Royal Exchange that I couldn’t get to.  Will have to go back during the week.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel Elephant

It’s not small it’s far away elephant

Let’s make Lauren feel like a paparazzo Elephant

Isn’t it embarrassing when someone else is wearing the same outfit Elephant

Pink and Gold Elephant

Stormy Skies Elephant

Could Probably Use Some Polyfilla Elephant

You Stole My Heart Elephant

Rug Elephant

Literary Elephant

Acid Trip Elephant

Rainforest Elephant

Newspaper Cuttings Elephant at Westfield

Sparkly Tiara Elephant

Cheesy Elephant

Fairy Light Elephant

Elephant Parade 16

Elephants only around until 20 June.  Got to get cracking.

Arty Elephant on Jermyn Street

Heart Blossom Elephant on Regent Street

Georgia O’Keeffe Elephant on Regent Street

City Scape Elephant on Holborn.

Patchwork Elephant in Hamleys

Ominous clean spot where an elephant should be….oh dear, oh dear.

Monopoly Elephant in Hamleys

Tattoo Elephant off Regent Street

Ants in your Pants Elephant in Golden Square

Rusty Elephant in Golden Square

Green Elephant off Regent Street

Bad Hair Day Elephant on Regent Place

Greenery Elephant and my finger on Regent Place

Elephant Parade 15

Over 100 elephants left and only a couple of weeks to nab them.

Floral Elephant – This one was meant to be at Heathrow, but thankfully it is closer by – at Paddington.  Thankfully I checked the forums before I schlepped all the way to the airport.

Leafy Elephant – The next three were at a posh hotel.  I wasn’t sure if I was allowed in their garden, but the gate was open.

Blue-eyed Elephant

Strawberry Elephant

Forest Elephant – in the middle of fecking nowhere in Paddington Basin

Elephant Parade 14

An otherwise completely idle day was salvaged with a few elephant spots in the evening.

Bling Skeleton Elephant

Foliage Elephant

Plant Mohican Elephant

Rainbow Elephant

Noah’s Ark Elephant

Pink Elephant

Blotchy Elephant

Tower of Elephants

Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Elephant

Doves Elephant

Geese Elephant and scowling tourists

Giraffe Sunset Elephant

Gold Bejewelled Elephant

Indian Elephant

Greedy Elephant – look it has food.  There.

Big Ear Elephant – this elephant is actually called Mammoth Metaphor and is at Somerset House.  It’s not outside on the terrace like it says on the map, it’s inside on the Nelson staircase.  Top tip.