parkrun on tour – 14 July 2012

For our train trip across the States from California to New York, we had the option of travelling via Chicago or New Orleans. We couldn’t decide, until we found out that the first American parkrun was being set up in Livonia. A mere 250 miles from Chicago. That made up our minds for us and we hired a car in Chicago to take the detour to Livonia.

The parkrun here is only a couple of months old, so it’s small and friendly and everybody knows everybody. It reminds me of Greenwich parkrun when we first started. Except that instead of cricket, they play baseball in the park.


The run starts an hour earlier than we’re used to, at 8am. But it is already very hot by this point and we sweat buckets. Incredibly, there is another parkrun tourist from London visiting and he sets the course record despite the heat. We settle for the slightly less ambitious target of going (just) under 30 minutes.


8 parkruns down, 6 to go.


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