Excitement on the train from San Francisco to Chicago! First of all, it is a tradition among people fishing and canoeing on the Colorado River to moon the train as it goes past, so we see lots of bare bums and one mooning-related capsizing.

As if that wasn’t excitement enough, at Denver the train stops outside the station. Mr Beet (eagle-eyed as always) spots a load of men hiding behind pillars as the train stops. Then they all suddenly rush the train. They are US marshals, about 20 of them and we get a ring-side seat as they arrest someone in our carriage. And it’s not a tap on the shoulder and a “you’re nicked“. The poor guy is grabbed and thrown to the floor and has a man kneeling on his back before he even knows what’s what.

Turns out it’s the wrong guy. The man they want is in another carriage, being arrested by some other marshals. The guy in our carriage gets an apology and a handshake, while we watch the other man (they did look alike) hauled off in handcuffs.


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