Peruvian Food

Peruvian food also adheres to the double-carb standard of South America. In fact, is this the most Peruvian meal possible? Alpaca, double-carb, Inca Kola on the side.


Mr Beet and the Peruvians agree on one thing – their love of roast chicken and chips. Apparently there is even a Roast Chicken Day in Peru.


Edible totara reed on a totara reed island on Lake Titicaca


Coca tea (with muna as well) – the Peruvian Panacea, it’s good for what ails you.


Al looking very smug with a pisco sour


Mr Beet and I didn’t want to try cuy aka guinea pig. Fortunately, we had a guinea pig-guinea pig, in the shape of Alastair. Unfortunately, Al couldn’t resist playing with his cooked guinea pig cadaver until we all felt thoroughly put off our dinners.


Chicharrones – fried pork ribs: salty, fatty and utterly delicious.



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