Chile – Lakes and Rivers

From Santiago we head South to Pucon – the adventure capital of South America.  We do very little by way of adventure here (a) because we´ve just come from New Zealand, where we adventure-activitied our socks off, but mainly (b) because the weather is terrible.  Pucon is in the “Rivers District” of Chile, so to be honest, we should have anticipated the wet weather.  


A big volcano looms over town, on the first day it was spewing smoke and we didn´t know whether that was normal or not. But nobody seemed to be running and screaming, so we assumed it was all tickety boo. Climbing the volcano is a bit of a right of passage for tourists in Pucon, but the weather wasn´t co-operating while we were there. I can´t say I was that disappointed, especially after hearing that a couple of tourists fell and died last month.

Instead, we contented ourselves with a bike ride to some local waterfalls.





Finally fed up with the rain, we moved on to a place called Puerto Varas in the Lakes District. Again, the name should have tipped us off that the weather was unlikely to improve. If possible, we did even less in Puerto Varas except go for a quick run in a short window when it wasn´t raining and get followed by stray dogs. 

More pictures of soggy Pucon and Puerto Varas on Mr Beet´s flickr page.


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