McDonalds World Tour – New Zealand

Auckland Airport, en route to South America: I chose a meal that combines the best of both sides of the Pacific; Lemon & Paeroa from NZ and “El Maco” a Mexican take on the Big Mac.



5 thoughts on “McDonalds World Tour – New Zealand

      • It definitely does! I’m not a fan of Japanese McDonalds – the flavour is slightly off, though ok, but its the horrible spell that gets me. South American McDonalds is tasty! Im from NZ so that is normal for me, and the McDonalds here in Europe tastes very similar to that in NZ

  1. They totally do taste different in different countries, that’s why it is so very exciting to eat junk food around the world! I think where young Beetchawawa may have gone wrong is picking a different option in every country, harder to compare when they are all different anyway. I recommend from now on a McChicken Sandwich/ McPollo at every destination, let’s get scientific about it. Hmm actually not enough countries left to really test this out, and when you get to the USA I recommend you forget McDonald’s and go to Wendy’s, for the double baconator is the greatest burger of all time, fact.

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