New Zealand Food


Hokey pokey ice cream (but the woman who sold it to me was French, so she called it ‘okey pokey)


Fush and chups (and a battered oyster and mussel on the side) with Lemon and Paeroa (marketed as “World famous in New Zealand”)


A lamb salad (from the “light bites” section of the menu! Look at the size of the thing!)


Lamb curry


Lamb pie


Lamb pizza


A “small” lamb shank, a steak, a man eating a steak

Lamb stirfry

Lamb stirfry

Lamb a la stair

Lamb a la Stair


A kiwi fruit


A feijoa drink. Mr Beet had to coach me in pronounciation before I ordered it.


A “Kiwi as” Chocolate Fish. Bloody horrible.


A feijoa – an acquired taste, but not unpleasant.


A lamington. I think they might actually originate from Australia, but the NZ version is bigger and pinker.

Moro bar

A Moro bar. It’s as if a Mars Bar has gone into the witness protection programme.

Famous Tuatapere sausages

“Famous” Tuatapere sausages. Maybe we didn’t get the right ones, because they were cheap and nasty.


Venison and kumara (which I’m pretty sure is just sweet potato, but it sounds more Newzealandy to call it kumara)

Boysenberry juice

Boysenberry juice. A boysenberry is apparently a cross between a raspberry, a blackberry and a loganberry, first grown by somebody called Mr Boysen. I can see why you would be tempted to name the food you just invented after yourself, but maybe not if your name sounds quite a lot like “poison”.

Makomako tastes horrible

A drink infused with traditional Maori medicinal plant makomako.


“Pavlova”. Or at least, the menu called it pavlova, but it’s clearly just a meringue with berries on the side. But I was thrilled because it’s as close as I got in 6 weeks of pavlova-hunting. If you go into any NZ souvenir shop or tourist information centre, you can buy pavlova aprons, ornaments, tea cosies, recipe books etc etc. It’s the national pudding. But you can’t actually buy one anywhere. And believe me, I looked!


3 thoughts on “New Zealand Food

  1. What an interesting selection of food! Great expressions.

    Question – why is is that you are looking more glamourous as the holiday progresses and Colin is looking more like the wild man of Borneo? – but in a good way

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