Milford Sound

A sound is a squiggly wiggly bit of coast.  There is a more specific definition, but according to that Milford Sound isn’t technically a sound, so I’m sticking to the “squiggly wiggly” definition.  We are kayaking there.  Our arms are still pretty sore from climbing the other day, so we’re hoping for a nicer calm day.  Obviously the universe thinks we need more upper-body training, so we get strong winds.  It’s also chilly, so before we do anything we get kitted out in thermals and fleeces under all our waterproof layers.  It’s a bit different to last week, when we were kayaking in Abel Tasman and I was in my bikini.

Col in his thermals

For the first time, I have a go at sitting in the back, which means that I am responsible for steering and Mr Beet is responsible for photos.  This role reversal leads to a bit of “front-seat” driving, as Mr Beet keeps telling me to go left or right, and I keep telling him to take photos of things.  The winds make everything a bit like hard work, so we can’t go too far out towards the sea.  We spend most of the time trying to stay close to the edge and sheltered from the winds, but occasionally we need to cross a body of water.  This involves digging very deep and paddling like demons.  But on the bright side, it does mean that on the way back, we can just sit there and let the wind blow us home.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Col and the waterfall

Dragon's Lair

More pictures from Milford Sound on Mr Beet’s flickr page.


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