The Blue Mountains

To see a little bit of Australian countryside, Mr Beet and I head off for a couple of days in the Blue Mountains, which are a couple of hours away from Sydney by train. We are staying in the town of Katoomba, but of course we have to take one day to visit the neighbouring town of Blackheath just to see how it compares to home.

On our first afternoon, we take a walk alongside the Prince Henry Cliff Walk to Echo Point. There are great views into the valley all the way along.


However, unfortunately just as we get to the big-hitter at Echo Point – the view across the Three Sisters peaks – the weather changes and we are soaked and get a rather grey and foggy view.


Undeterred, we head back the next day when the weather is better and see the girls in all their glory.

The Three Sisters

We then take a walk to Scenic World, which offers various means of transport to take you up, down and across the valley to see the views. First is the “railway” to take us down a 52 degree incline to the bottom. When it turns up, it is clear that it is more rollercoaster than train. It even goes through a dark cave and all the tourists scream excitedly, just like a theme park.


At the bottom, there is an easy walk; many of the more rugged walking trails are closed at the moment due to landslides and the dreadful weather, so we couldn’t be much more adventurous even if we wanted to. The walking route is dotted by the finalists in a sculpture competition.



We then take the cable car back up to the top.


On my final day I sign up for canyoning, but unfortunately the weather forecast predicts heavy rain. Bring inside a canyon during heavy rain is a bit of a no-no so our instructors instead decide to take us out for a day’s abseiling and rock climbing overlooking the Megalong Valley. 



One of the guys on the trip has a fear of heights.  So he’s been pretty brave to sign up for something that he knew would involve abseiling.  As it turns out, he is fine with the abseiling and the climbing, but its the walks / scrambles back up the hill once we have abseiled to the bottom that freak him out.  He says I am getting up the hills “like a mountain goat”! 

More pictures of the Blue Mountains on Mr Beet’s flickr page. 


2 thoughts on “The Blue Mountains

  1. The Blue Mountains were very beautiful, despite the weather. Unfortunately I am so behind in my blogging that I am invariably in another country by the time people make helpful suggestions about other places to visit, but thanks anyway.

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