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Greetings, apologies and no I am not on strike again.  Last you heard, I was in Hong Kong and Macau.  I’m now in New Zealand and have spent two weeks in Australia in the interim.  I shall update you on all antipodean activities shortly; I am waiting to upload photos and I think the hamster that powers New Zealand’s internet has fallen off its wheel.  While you wait with bated breath for the next thrilling installment, the end of my time in Asia is a good opportunity to make an observation.  Anyone travelling for any length of time in Asia will see a lot of Buddha statues.  It is a truth universally acknowledged that any Buddha of any substantial size will claim to be the world’s largest Buddha.  I have lost track of the number of “World’s Largest Buddhas” that I’ve seen in the last seven months.  They’re not exactly fibbing, they just include as many other adjectives as necessary to make the “World’s Largest…” bit true.  So, for example you will see the World’s Largest Gold Buddha, the World’s Largest Indoor Buddha etc.  As a rule of thumb guys, once you get up to three extra adjectives, i.e. the World’s Largest Outdoor Reclining Bronze Buddha, it begins to sound a bit pathetic.

I’ve only been Down Under for a couple of weeks, but I’ve already noticed a similar pattern of things claiming to be the biggest, longest, best in the Southern Hemisphere.


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