Malaysian Food

A staple dish in Malaysia is the simple, delicious “chicken rice”.

Chicken rice

I try to order more exotically-named things, but they all turn out to be variations on “chicken rice”.

Nasi Lemak – chicken rice – plus dried fish, peanuts and egg

Nasi lemak sarawak

Nasi Goreng – chicken fried rice – with a fried egg on top

Lelapan ulam-ulaman – chicken and rice – with some veggies and sauce

Lelapan with ulam-ulaman

Pandan chicken – chicken in a leaf and rice

Pandan Chicken

Thankfully they don’t make you eat chicken and rice for breakfast. Breakfast is toast and coconut spread, plus an orange if it’s Chinese New Year.



2 thoughts on “Malaysian Food

  1. Totally agree. Every dish I had seemed to always include the bones too. After a while I treated myself to a chicken breast and mash potato at Kenny Rogers (bit like Nandos).

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