Extended Stay in Miri

Mr Beet and I turn up at Miri airport to find that our flight to Mulu has been cancelled.  I think MASWings must usually be a very reliable airline, because they seem to have no idea what happens in the event of a cancellation.  We eventually find out that there are two flights the next day.  Both are fully-booked, but we can turn up at the airport tomorrow and try our luck.  Nobody is telling the other passengers this, so Mr Beet and I become honorary MASWings employees for the purpose of disseminating this information.  I’m not exaggerating – at one point we have a desk, phone and computer to help sort people out.

The airline puts us up in a four-star hotel overnight, so we make the most of that.

We get up before dawn to get to the airport as early as possible to give ourselves the best chance of getting on a plane.  Hurrah!  We are the first two  names on the waiting list, so we just have to keep our fingers crossed.  After a few hours’ wait, the airline announces that there are two free seats on the flight.  Woo-hoo!  We get our boarding passes and are bundled onto the plane in about thirty seconds.

On the plane we see two of our fellow passengers from the cancelled flight.

Hello – how did you get tickets for this flight?  We thought we got the only two free seats.”

“Oh, the airline manager sorted it all out for us.  I think he felt sorry for us.”

Why, out of all the stranded passengers,  the airline manager should feel particularly sorry for the two pretty blonde Dutch girls remains a mystery.

The plane was cute, the smallest one I’ve ever been on.  Mr Beet even got to sit in first class, which meant an extra four inches of leg room and a curtain to separate him from the hoi polloi.



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