Kuala Lumpur

When we arrive in KL, preparations for Chinese New Year are in full swing.  The decorations are all up and there’s lots of shows in all the shopping centres; lion dances, martial arts etc.   My favourite was a parade involving a man dressed as the “God of Prosperity” and the Nando’s chicken.



KL city centre is quite compact, but just because somewhere is within walking distance, don’t be fooled into thinking that it will be possible to walk there.  KL hates pedestrians.  I think the town planning department is run by a cartel of taxi drivers.  But I refuse to get a taxi for a journey of under a mile, so goddamnit we walk to Lake Gardens on our first day (we found a secret underpass round the back of the Post Office).  Once we managed to get there, we do a parkrun, visit the National Museum (which is pants) and the Bird Park, where we see the runner-up in the Malaysian tourism poster-boy stakes (second only to the orang-utan) – the Giant Hornbill.


On Chinese New Year proper, we visit Lake Titiwangsa (no sniggering at the back!), where we get some good photos of the city skyline.


Later on, we stopped for an ice cream, but the guy wouldn’t give us our chosen almond caramel until we’d first tried a free sample of durian flavour.  Bleurgh.  It tastes as bad as it smells.


We  do our second parkrun of the week (yes, I said we.  Mr Beet has suddenly developed a rekindled enthusiasm for running and has joined me on my last three runs) in KLCC park  in the shadow of the Petronas Towers.


We also visit the Marks and Spencer in the Petronas shopping centre and I stock up on Percy Pigs.  Percy got me through my marathon training and I’m hoping he will also get me to the top of Mt Kinabalu.  There is an observation deck at the Petronas Towers, but it’s only on the 41st floor – 170m high.  So we skip that and instead take afternoon tea at 270m in the Menara KL Tower.


More photos of Kuala Lumpur are on Mr Beet’s flickr page.


2 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur

  1. Home! Hope you had a good time. KL-lites hate walking. But with the 33 degree heat and 90% humidity, I can see why. (ps- see you’ve noticed the obsession with shopping malls?!)

    • The travel agent rather sniffily told us we’d only want a day or two in KL at most, but we were there for a week and I thought it was great. Apart from the walking thing. Probably as a native you know how to walk to places via a route through several of the malls, so you are never un-air-conditioned.

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