Malaysians – the Scousers of Indochina

What do Malaysians and Scousers have in common, la? 

For those not familiar with any Scousers, the “la” is a kind of vocal punctuation.  As far as I can tell, Malaysians use it in exactly the same way, i.e.

You all right, la?

I’m going to the shops, la.

That film was awesome, la. 

Since the use is so similar, I find it hard to believe that it evolved simultaneously, but I don’t know if it originated in Liverpool and got transported to Malaysia or vice versa.


4 thoughts on “Malaysians – the Scousers of Indochina

  1. haha, nice one. but I would like to elaborate it precisely.

    You all right, la? : (wrong usage)

    I’m going to the shops, la (yup!)
    it used when you explaining to someone. for instance; “Why you take so long to be here?” followed by ‘ I’m going to the shops, la’

    That film was awesome, la. (yup!)
    it can be use in many ways.for instance;
    1) ‘dude, that was the lousiest movie i ever watched, goddamnit’ – followed by ‘no la, that film was awesome!, or ‘that film was awesome la!’
    2) ‘so, how the movie?’ – followed by ‘that film was awesome la’

    ‘la’ can be anything depend on situations. In most cases, it literally mean ‘period’ or enough said’. I wonder does the scousers means similarly.

    ‘la’ also widely used in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

    Just my two cents. ; )

    p/s : I’m a malaysian scouser

  2. Interesting Air Squadron – so it would not be correct to say “you all right, la?” in the Malaysian usage. I have referred to my tame scouser, who confirms that this would be correct on Merseyside and is probably the most common use of the word. I always thought that it was just a diminutive of “lad”.

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