Book 100 of 100 + 30 Things Update (not good news)

The Stand – Stephen King

Book 100!

I was delighted to track this book down in a book exchange in Trivandrum.  It almost made it worth going to India.  The final book on my top 100 and I finished on a medium.  The book was ok, although I did notice that Mr King has a bit of a urine obsession going on.  His favourite adjective is variations on pissy, pissing, pissant  and honestly, there are at least a dozen references in the book to people wetting themselves.  I don’t know if this was meant to be a recurring theme in this book, or whether it appears in his other works.

So that’s one more item ticked off the list, and with less than six months to go until the big 3-0, a good time to fess-up that I’m not going to get this all done.  Currently, the list looks like this.

1. Go to Glastonbury – COMPLETED Summer 2009, 2010 and 2011

2. Go to Edinburgh Festival – COMPLETED Summer 2010

3. Go kayaking – COMPLETED Summer 2010, plus we’ve done loads of kayaking on this holiday

4. Read the top 100 books – COMPLETED January 2012 finishing on Stephen King’s “The Stand”

5. Watch the top 100 films – INCOMPLETE 98 down 2 to go (Apocalypse Now and The Seven Samurai).  We are hiring a campervan in NZ which comes with a dvd player, so I could have finished this then, but since I will have other things outstanding as at June 2012, then I’m not so fussed and they can wait until I’m back home.

6. Go surfing – COMPLETED February 2009 in Gran Canaria

7. Learn to ride the unicycle – INCOMPLETE – I have tried and it is bloody hard.  Need to put the hours of falling off again and again in before you can expect results.

8. Go horse-riding – COMPLETED Summer 2009

9. Qualify as a solicitor – COMPLETED 2008

10. Go scuba-diving – COMPLETED Summer 2011

11. Go veggie for 1 month – COMPLETED 2008

12. Paint a picture – COMPLETED in Chiang Mai in 2011

13. Climb a Munro – COMPLETED Summer 2011

14. Get something published – COMPLETED Summer 2008

15. Take a circus skills class – COMPLETED 2010

16. Go to a big arena concert – COMPLETED 2008

17. Do a marathon – COMPLETED 2011

18. Learn to play a musical instrument – INCOMPLETE I don’t think 5 piano lessons can possibly count, will continue these on return to UK.

19. Go paintballing – INCOMPLETE I could get this one done in NZ I expect.

20. Go to a Shakespeare play at the Globe – COMPLETED 2009

21. Go paragliding – COMPLETED Summer 2010

22. Learn to dance – COMPLETED Summer 2009

23. Go zorbing – COMPLETED Summer 2008

24. Go to Notting Hill Carnival – COMPLETED Summer 2008

25. Go skiing – COMPLETED on an indoor ski slope in 2008 and in the real thing in Lapland in 2011

26. Go in a hot air balloon – COMPLETED Summer 2010

27. Learn to do the splits – INCOMPLETE – I’ve been really naughty and not done any stretching.  I will start from today!  It’s blogged now so it’s official.

28. Go rock climbing – COMPLETED 2008 and done loads since then

29. Go abseiling – COMPLETED 2008

30. Learn to rollerblade – INCOMPLETE – I can rollerblade, but I wanted to get good before I ticked this off. Still not good.

So I have six things outstanding currently and at least some of those (unicycling, instrument) I cannot do on my travels. It’s going to be a big, fat FAIL come 13 June 2012. But I still want to do those things, so I’m going to try to get them done before my 31st birthday. Now, I’m not changing the deadline and pretending that’s it still counts – I still consider this a FAIL, but I still want to finish my current list before I start drawing up a 40 things to do list.


4 thoughts on “Book 100 of 100 + 30 Things Update (not good news)

  1. Hi Lauren, I am impressed with your list. Firstly that you came up with 30 things in the firest place and secondly that you had the foresight to give yourself a few years to complete them. Compare this to Mavis and myself who did not start to devise a list and then were struggling to find things to put on it. Mavis gave up I think and i only managed about 20 items and they are not completed either. However I gave myself until my 51st birthday to complete them so I thnk it is reasonable given you are travelling to complete yours by your 31st birthday.

    Well done on only having a few items left well before your birthday.

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