Big India to Little India

After a month in India, Mr Beet and I are very much looking forward to moving on. Parts of Kerala are beautiful, but many more parts are dirty, smelly and smoggy.  We’ve been travelling around Asia for four months, so it’s not as if we’ve just off the plane from Heathrow, but a lot of Indian people seem to be especially pushy-shovy, hawky-spitty and rippy-offy.  Plus, after a month it gets a little annoying asking people questions and having them direct their responses to Mr Beet.  At the airport, I am essentially treated as an additional piece of his hand luggage. 

We completely flummox the airline by travelling first on a domestic flight to Chennai, then wanting to catch an international flight to Singapore.  Despite this all being with the same airline and it all being on our tickets, there is a cock-up.  We are warned that we haven’t followed the correct procedure for exiting the country and we might not be allowed back to India again.  This is not as much of a concern to us as the man from the airline seems to think it should be.  Anyway, it all gets sorted out at Chennai and we are officially stamped out of India. 

You aren’t allowed to take rupees out of the country, so we spend our remaining cash on a few light snacks from duty free. 

 A light snack at the airport

Pristine Singapore could not be a bigger contrast to India.  Visiting the loos in Singapore airport after arriving from a month in India is, in its own way, just as much of a travel highlight as walking the Great Wall of China.  We are staying in a suburb of Singapore called Little India.  Don’t be fooled, there are lots of Indians living here but it is still Singapore so it’s still spotless and modern.  Our hotel is meant to be a no-frills backpacker hostel, but even this place has a glamorous roof terrace with swimming pool. 



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