Kannur is our first beach resort in India and we have a beautiful stretch of the Arabian Sea entirely to ourselves.


Unfortunately, I am still ill.  I would say it was Delhi Belly, but we haven’t been anywhere near Delhi, so it’s not fair to blame it really.  Instead, I’m going to call it “Ooty Booty”.  I am most excited by the prospect of ordering tomato soup from room service and being able to eat something that isn’t curry or chocolate biscuits, in my bed. Bliss…The hotel is in the middle of nowhere, so we even have a perfect excuse to stay in for our meals. Although I appreciate the gesture, I am not best pleased by the 7am wake up call asking if we’d like a cup of tea.

We did very little, but we did see some camels on the beach and some enormous birds of prey.



Not very many more photos of Kannur are on Mr Beet’s flickr page.


2 thoughts on “Kannur

  1. Hi Lauren I am so sorry to hearyou are still ill. I do hope you will bebeter real soon. At least you have a lovely beach to look at.

    It is the Park Run fancy dress tomorrowso I plan to make some of your Rudolph buns as my contribution. Wish me luck that they turn out well.We will be thinkingof you both.Janet

    • Hi Janet – Merry Christmas from India! Hope the Rudolph buns worked out ok for you and that you enjoyed the fancy dress parkrun. You’ll be pleased to know that I was well enough to do my first Indian parkrun on Christmas Eve – barefoot on the beach at a place called Varkala. We love the photos from the Christmas Eve parkrun and hear that you’ve got a Baxing Day event planned as well, to burn off some turkey. Have a wonderful day and Colin also sends his love. L xxx

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