Wayanad – The Indian Illness Chronicles continued…

So after a few days shivering in Ooty, we decide to move on to our next location which is Wayanad in Northern Kerala.  We have to decide between two towns in which to stay, and with nothing else to base it on I decide that a town called “Assault and Battery” (ok…Sulthan Bathery) sounds too violent so we opt for Kalpetta instead.

After a 5 hour bus journey on windy roads I arrive feeling even worse than when I left Ooty.  When we get to the hotel, the proprietor shows us the room and asks Mr Beet if it’s ok.  By this point, I have already got on the bed and fallen asleep, so he decides that we will take it.

Apart from a busy schedule of sleeping 16 hours a day, we manage to squeeze in a trip to a local lake where there are spiders as big as my hand and lots of monkeys.  Plus lots of holidaying Indians surreptitiously taking photos of the Westerners on their camera phones.  Little do they know that we love posing for other people’s holiday snaps so would be more than happy to oblige.



We also got up very early one morning to take a jeep safari around the national park.  We saw elephants, deer, peacocks, giant squirrels and … err… a wild chicken.


Some more deeply unimpressive wildlife shots from Wayanad are available on Mr Beet’s flickr page.  


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