Advent Calendar – 7th December

Click on Yoda


3 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – 7th December

  1. OK, just in case anyone did attempt this and was on the edge of their seat waiting for the answers:

    1 Ac. Father Christmas (anagram of first heat charms)
    1 Dn. Festival (F for forte + estival)
    2 Dn. Mistletoe (anagram of stole item)
    3 Dn. Reindeer (check = rein, sweetheart heard = sounds like dear)
    4 Dn. Mince pies (cockney rhyming slang for eyes)
    5 Dn. Card (Joker = playing card)
    6 Dn. Tinsel (a bit of iT IN SELfridges)
    7 Dn. Snowman (Sn is chemical symbol for tin + anagram of woman)
    8 Dn. Stocking (self-explanatory?)

    • That’s bad since at least half were recycled from last year. They seem so obvious when you’re the one writing them, but actually even my mum said they were hard and she is crossword queen.

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