Advent Calendar – 6th December

Click on Yoda



7 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – 6th December

  1. I have been so confused by the multiple pictures of Yoda on a cake and only today realised I was meant to click on them. I’m not the fastest… Brilliant videos!

  2. 4th December is epic. Captions, fades, background music, authentic humming from the oven. Awesome. It must have taken ages. We got into iMovie when we were snowboarding and I couldn’t believe how long it could take to get stuff right. You have a budding career as a tv chef. A tv chef who puts vegetables in EVERYTHING.

    Why not embed the videos in your blog posts? It’s easy.

    See you next weekend. There is talk of training just beforehand, so you might find our advent calendar contribution involves looking rather tired.

    • This is what happens when you get a fruit and veg box. You think it’ll make you eat more healthily, but I have just ended up thinking of unhealthy recipes to use it all up. I’ve lost count of the number of banana cakes and apple crumbles I’ve made in the past few months. I’ll probably turn up to Emma’s with a festive artichoke and beetroot trifle or something.

      Videos are not embedded because there’s meant to be an “opening the window” aspect to the advent calendar. Yoda is that window. Maybe I need to make the “click on yoda” more prominent.

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