Advent Calendar

As long-standing blog readers will know, last year I did a blog advent calendar.  If I were at home, I’d have spent most of November wracking my brains to think of ideas of things to go in it.  But since I’m not, I’m just going to have to recycle last year’s calendar.  They show the same films on TV every Christmas after all.

Just like a real advent calendar, where it is possible for the ill-disciplined to gorge themselves on 24 chocolates in one sitting, the films are already all available since they have been on there since last year.  But I know that you’ll be good and just click on one per day, won’t you?  I can see the number of views, so I’ll know if people are cheating!

It is tradition in the Beet household for advent goodies to appear in a little pot on the mantlepiece guarded by Yoda, so click on Yoda for today’s treat.


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