Disaster 2! (averted again)

The journey from Battambang to Kratie is too long to do in one stretch, especially if you are travelling by a rickety bus playing Cambodian karaoke videos as entertainment. We break the journey with an overnight stay in Phnom Penh. The bus companies here all offer free hotel pick up service, which is really handy, but not when they arrive at 6.15am instead of 6.45 and we have to finished getting up, dressed and packed in record time.

Inevitably, we forgot something; Mr Beet’s phone charger and our electrical adapter. Now, I’m not emotionally attached to these, as I was to my hat, but it’ll still be a damned nuisance not to be able to charge Mr Beet’s iPhone (which we use for email, booking accommodation and of course blogging) and our camera. By the time we realise, we are an 8 hour bus journey away from Phnom Penh in Kratie.

We don’t anticipate being able to replace the adaptor until Bangkok, so we face the prospect of having no phone and making two bars of camera battery last throughout the rest of Cambodia and Laos. But then, on the way to see the dolphins, our tuk-tuk driver mentions that he’s covering for his brother, who has gone to Phnom Penh. We reckon that it wouldn’t hurt to ask when he will be back and whether he would mind making a slight detour to pick something up for us (for a suitable reward, of course). The driver says that his brother is in PP on a work errand so we had better ask the guesthouse owner. Luckily, I am in the owner’s good books for contributing a P.G. Wodehouse to the book exchange, so he arranges it all for us and we are reunited with our charger. Hooray! We can take as many photos as we like!


2 thoughts on “Disaster 2! (averted again)

  1. I am loving all of your travel stories, but this one is particularly great – the idea of you offering your slick, cash-lined handshakes and having your new friends running around Cambodia after you is just what travel adventures should involve! Phew, though… now please do be more careful in future, your blog readership needs you to remain charged! x

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