Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese food is so good, soooo gooooood.


Pho (beef noodle soup, which is served with a load of flavourings on the side to add as you see fit)

Spring rolls ready to be cooked

Spring rolls – these were Mr Beet’s favourite and we ordered them as a starter virtually everywhere we went.  But the best ones were the ones we made ourselves on our cooking course.

Cao lau - yummy

Cao Lau (thick noodle soup with pork – to be authentic it has to be made with water from a particular well in Hoi An)

Vietnamese salad

Various salads (including stuff like green papaya, jack fruit, sesame beef, shrimp, peanuts – always delicious)

Col's breakfast in Hoi An

Breads and pastries (unlike China, where the bread is horrible, the Vietnamese have their former French oppressors to thank for awesome bread and pastries)


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