McDonaldsKFC World Tour – Vietnam

There are no McDonalds in Vietnam, which puts a kibosh on my plans to eat McDs in every country I visit. I’m not sure why there are no McDs, it isn’t anything to do with anti-American sentiment as there are plenty of KFCs. In the circumstances, I decide that this is the next best thing to further my junk food odyssey.

The fast food odyssey continues

I have a theory that explains the success of KFC in Vietnam. Anyone who has been to Vietnam will know that they idolise Ho Chi Minh. There are portraits of him everywhere, more than there were of Mao Tse Tung in China. So if you’re going to start a business in Vietnam, having a logo of an old bloke with a little white beard is no bad thing.
Uncle Ho

Uncle Ho

The Colonel

The Colonel


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