Messing about on the River

The river in question was the Li, and the messing about included some swimming


and some kayaking;



One evening, the Li River served as the setting for a show directed by Zhang Yimou, called Liu Sanjie.  It’s based on an old Chinese story, something about a village girl who becomes a concubine then escapes by transforming into a lark (I didn’t really folow the narrative) but there were amazing costumes, fishing boats with torches, and they lit up the karsts to provide an amazing backdrop.  It was really stunning – the director also directed the opening ceremony to the Beijing Olympics and I think that this show was a bit of a dry run for that job as it was the same kind of thing.  Photos wouldn’t have done it justice so we didn’t bother – you’ll just have to come to Yangshuo one day and see  for yourself.  Or it’s probably on youtube.

All our Yangshuo photos (including more kayaking photos than you can shake a stick at) are on Mr Beet’s flickr page. 


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