parkrun on tour – 27 August 2011

I can’t upload photos at the mo, but if anyone is keeping track then I did do a run in Zhongshan Park in Qingdao last Saturday. I have a photo of me next to a statue of some old bloke (very possibly Confucius) to prove it. Watch this space.


2 thoughts on “parkrun on tour – 27 August 2011

  1. Yes some of us are keeping watch to see the intereting places you have run. I hope you leave a note to say Greenwich Parkrun was here.

    Thi nk I might have to tell Park run central what you are up to at some point.

    Keep running!!!!!

  2. I uploaded that one photo as an experiment and it took the best part of half an hour. No more photos until Vietnam. On reflection, I probably should have uploaded one of the Great Wall or something.

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