Japanese Cuisine

I was asked to blog about all the food I was eating, which so far I have singularly failed to do, so to catch up here is some of the stuff I ate in Japan:

Tonkatsu – breaded pork cutlet, usually served with rice and curry sauce, but also found with egg etc.  This is Mr Beet’s favourite so we’ve been to a lot of tonkatsu places.  In one place the waitress looked concerned and warned me that the curry would be very spicy.  She then served me up something along the lines of a korma.  She must have thought that the British only ever ate British food, and couldn’t handle a curry. 

Japanese-style hamburger – we had this a couple of places including on Mt Fuji as it is good mountain climbing fare.  It’s more like a giant meatball than a hamburger and comes covered in some kind of spicy sauce with bean sprouts usually. 

Chicken (and leaf) tempura.  We weren’t sure whether we were meant to eat the leaf.

Pork and a dandelion, from the same place that served us leaf tempura, we were similarly confused as to whether to eat the flower.  Note this came with one small tomato, quartered.  This is about the most vegetables we ever managed to get.  Mr Beet once had a beef curry / omelette thing which came with one pea and one kernel of sweetcorn.  We had to go to about three supermarkets before tracking down some fresh fruit and vegetables ourselves.  Probably an indication of the type of establishment we were frequenting, rather than Japanese cuisine in general.  

It being 35 degrees plus most days, my favourite treat was shaved ice.  Literally just a Mr Frosty-style crushed ice with some sweet flavouring, usually adzuki beans (in this picture the beans are hidden inside) and lychees. 

We have also eaten lots of ramen, tofu in its many forms and once, accidentally, noodles with tongue.  Plus the odd McDonalds, club sandwich and spaghetti bolognese from time to time.


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