East China Sea

So sayonara Japan, ni hao China!  We got the ferry from Kobe to Shanghai.  The ferry takes 48 hours and is more luxurious than I was expecting.  It has a games room, karaoke room, gym (actually a ping-pong table, but I suppose treadmills would be a bit of a liability on the high seas anyway). 

We are sad to see the sun set on our time in Japan, and a mix of excited and apprehensive about China.  Everything’s been relatively easy in Japan; there’s lots of English signs and English speakers and everyone is very orderly so it all feels very safe.  We know that China will be more challenging.  We get a little sample of “disorderly” behaviour on the first night on the ferry, as one of our Chinese neighbours decides that an 8 berth room is a suitable place for a prolonged wank.  I mean, we were all behind our little curtains, it’s not like he was doing it in full view, but still.  Mr Beet had his earplugs in, so slept through oblivious.  Although we’d had six weeks of Mandarin classes, I simply don’t have the vocabulary for “please masturbate less noisily” so I did the British thing and ignored it, until his girlfriend (yes he was travelling with his girlfriend) came back to the room and told him off. 

I woke up the next morning to rough seas and the accompanying sensation that I should under no circumstances try to leave my bunk or even sit up.  Mr Beet had taken travel sickness pills as a preventative measure, but I had decided to see how things went, and the answer turned out to be badly.  So I pretty much stayed in my bunk for 36 hours, less the 10 minutes it took me to have a shower to try to feel a bit more human.  After another night, we awoke to calmer seas as we were in the inland waters approaching Shanghai.


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