As we are travelling for a whole year, we can`t get loads of souvenirs.  But we`ve picked up a couple of things from Japan that are easily transportable and also practical.

As you can see, the heat is getting to us, so I`ve opted for the pretty fan and Mr Beet has gone for a little towel.  Lots of people here always have a little towel to hand to wipe their sweaty faces, and Mr Beet`s face is one of the sweatiest around.  He`s delighted with his towel.  A wise man once wrote that the most important thing for a hitchhiker (or backpacker) is to know where his towel is.  Mr Beet is now inseparable from his and is much happier (and hoopier) as a result.


2 thoughts on “Souvenirs

  1. I like the souvenirs especially the fan. It should hopefully be more long lasting than Mr Beet’s towel.

    Talking of Mr Beet , park runners have asking why is he called Mr Beet. This means Mavis and Bob. They won’t ask but you know I will. I assumed it is to do with the blog name is it a play on words like how your heart feels.

    • Hi Janet – Well, I didn’t want this blog to have my name all over it because I didn’t want anyone who might be googling my name for professional purposes to come across it. So I’ve got a pseudonym (like Imagecaster) which is Beetchawawa (it’s from Star Wars) or Beet for short. So my mum is BeetMum, my dad is BeetDad and Colin is Mr Beet. Nothing to do with my heart, you old romantic!

      We’re in Shanghai now. Very different to Japan actually. Will update the blog more fully when I get the chance. Got to find a suitable park in Shanghai for y parkrun tomorrow!

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