WTF? 20

I had to go the family planning clinic to stock up on pills for my round-the-world trip (my new GP has a rule that they will only prescribe 6 months’ worth – the clinic takes a much more sensible view).  I had to fill in the form and was slightly puzzled by the question:

“Are you aiming to:

(a) avoid a pregnancy?

(b) achieve a pregnancy?

(c) both?”

I’m not sure under what circumstances somebody would tick (c).  Maybe if they were trying to achieve some kind of quantum Schrodinger’s foetus, a la Amy Pond.


3 thoughts on “WTF? 20

  1. I accidentally “liked” my own post. I just got an email from WordPress to tell me that Beetchawawa likes my post. It also tells me where the likers are from: “We think Beetchawawa is in Leicester, England”. Well, it’s reassuring that if anyone takes offence to one of my blog posts, at least they won’t be able to track me down.

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