Attention Facebook Parents

Yes, babies are cute.  They have to be, or we’d just dump them – evolution, innit.  And yes, when someone I know has had one, it’s nice to see a picture on facebook, maybe even two or three pictures.  But let’s not forget that:

(a) babies all look the same;

(b) a baby’s full modelling repertoire is – asleep, awake, yawning, crying.

Why on Earth do you therefore think it is appropriate that the time in that person’s life when they are going to be the dullest subject for photos, is the time when you publish dozens and dozens of them?

If you want to publish dozens of pictures of your kid – then put some effort into it. 

Oh and, by the way, your new-born baby does not look like its Dad, it doesn’t have your eyes and its Grandad’s nose.  It just looks like a new-born baby.   They’re all virtually interchangeable at this stage.


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