Christmas parkrun

Christmas morning for Mr Beet and me started like any other Saturday morning – with a parkrun.  Although obviously we had to make it a bit special so here we are in our festive fancy dress.

As soon as he heard the words fancy dress, Mr Beet declared that he wanted to be a Christmas pudding, as if this had been a life-long ambition.  I had no real preference, but a quick check on Amazon showed me that my options were limited if I didn’t want to be Santa’s Sexy Helper, Frosty the Snow Vixen or even Sexy Reindeer (Phwoar! Look at the antlers on that!)  Seriously, do a google image search of “christmas fancy dress” and you’ll see what I mean.

A lot of the other parkrunners had also joined in with the fancy dress theme and we had several santas, elves, reindeer and a penguin.

The course had to be adapted to miss the worse of the icy paths so it was all a bit ad hoc, but since it was Christmas nobody minded.  Mr Beet and I thought that since we’d got dressed up we should at least run a bit, so we did a lap before stopping to organise things like the timer and the party food.  We had plenty of mince pies and OJ, but someone else had managed to organise hot teas, which was much more the thing when it was -1.  We also had made special goody bags for the runners and volunteers with a cracker, some quality street and a hand-decorated parkrun bauble.

At the end of the run, one of our regular parkrunners called Mr Beet and me to the front to make an announcement thanking us for organising the run and we got a round of applause and a very generous present, which was lovely and a bit embarrassing.


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