Green Christmas Backfires

One of the little things I am trying to do this year to be a bit greener is re-using last year’s wrapping paper.  But I have so much nice wrapping paper from last year, that it makes me want to buy more presents so I can use it all.  That’s not very green.

I’ve got my mum a load of PG Wodehouse books (she doesn’t read this blog, and anyway I asked her for a list of ones she didn’t have so I don’t think it’s going to be a huge surprise)  and I was genuinely considering wrapping each one separately rather than all together, just to use up more paper.  Except it would be so disappointing on Christmas morning to think you have a big pile of presents and oh…it’s another Blandings book, and another, and another.

Then I thought it might be a good idea to give my own stuff away as gifts, to kick-start my attempt to reduce my personal possessions before going travelling.  It feels a bit tight-fisted (not sure why…I wouldn’t mind receiving a gift that someone already had), so will be in addition to existing gifts (which, being me, I have mostly already bought).  And I must resist the temptation to try to off-load stuff that I don’t genuinely think someone will appreciate.

I’ve already started mentally matching people with books I think they’d like.


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