As previously blogged, we keep getting bananas in our fruit and veg box and neither Mr Beet nor I eat them so we currently have three bunches at various stages of ripeness / decay.

I know those very brown ones look inedible, but they are perfect for a couple of banana loaves.

And after my failed attempt to make banoffee pie, instead I used the second ripest bunch in a chocolate banana trifle.  Here is the recipe, in the style of Gordon Ramsay:

Bowl. Swiss roll. Slice.

Bananas. Chop.

Milk, Chocolate, Melt, Eggs Yolks, Sugar, Stir.  Chocolate Custard.  Bosh

Whipped Cream.  Buttons.  Job Done.


7 thoughts on “Bananamania

  1. If I could post a hyperlink I would link you to Yi, Er, San and point out that this pene talk is becoming rather a common occurrence around here, what sort of a blog is this??

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