Wo Ai Ni

…means I love you in Mandarin.  I can’t yet say yes or no or 1,2,3 but I can say I love you.  I’m not so sure it’s going to come in handy in my trip next year, but you never know.

In our lesson this week we were learning to say our name and nationality (Wo jiao Lauren, wo shi Yingguoren, wo zhu zai London) and we had to do an exercise where we got given pictures of famous people and had to introduce them.  Straw poll – can you name the people below?

The first one is Hu Jintao, the Chinese leader, which I didn’t know and the other people in my group did, so that made me feel a bit of a dunce.  But then I was the only one who knew that the second one was Jackie Chan, so at least I was contributing something!


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