Elephant Parade 19

Elusive Pornographic* Elephant – originally on show at Selfridges but moved because his “autumnul leaves” are in fact cut outs from porn magazines.  I mean, you’d have to look pretty hard to notice that, but yeah, he’s covered in close ups of genitals.  So now he’s viewable by appointment only at Chinawhites.  It’s dead good though – you go down a darkened corridor and he’s at the end covered in spotlights and they’re playing elephant music.  My photo was rubbish.

Bejewelled Elephant at Royal Exchange

Mini Piggy Bank Elephant – not an official elephant so doesn’t count towards total

Tower of London Elephant

This elephant pisses champagne, so they have a waiter positioned behind to catch it.

Rubber Elephant (another one viewable by appointment only)

Bird Elephant

Cautionary Elephant at St James Park

Headband Elephant

X Ray Elephant

Grayson Perry Elephant

Subtle Tartan Elephant

Jockey Elephant

Sparkly Toes Elephant

Butler on Elephant

Running total, 222 down 36 to go

*I’m tagging this, just to mess with people


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