Elephant Parade 11

I went roller blading after work today and picked up a few elephants on the way:

Gold Feet Elephant in Selfridges.  After 4 visits to Selfridges there’s still one elephant I’ve yet to find.  I’ve done my research, apparently it’s by the staff entrance on Duke Street but I still couldn’t locate it.  It is my Nemesis Elephant.

Spooky Tree Elephant

Acid Trip Elephant by Marble Arch

Stripey Elephant

Liverpool FC Elephant in Hyde Park

Panda Elephant

Police Elephant

Kill Bill Elephant

Sporty Elephant

We then rollerbladed to the other side of Hyde Park.

But shortly after this photo was taken, my roller blades broke.  They were crappy cheap ones.  And I was knackered anyway after 15 minutes of wobbling about.

John McEnroe Elephant

Swan Elephant (very Dali)

Athletic Elephant

Sunglasses Elephant

Ladybird Elephant

Porcupine Elephant

Mirrored Elephant

Filigree Elephant


3 thoughts on “Elephant Parade 11

  1. Totally awesome! I’ve only managed to snag 11 of these (Most around Carnaby and Regents Street)… How many have you got left to find?

  2. I’ve spotted just under 100, so still 150+ to go. Plenty to keep me busy. I’ve been checking out your website – how many pairs of trainers do you have?!

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