Marathon Sign-Up Initial Enthusiasm*

*soon to be replaced by lethargy and a deep resentment of all things athletic

As predicted, Mr Beet managed to beat my time at parkrun 😦 It’ll be my turn to run next week, so I have the opportunity to try to reclaim the top spot, but I tried really hard last week, and I just don’t think that I can knock 25 seconds of the time I did then.  I’ll give him a good run for him money though and maybe I’ll knock a few seconds off my own PB.  There’s a woman who runs it about a minute faster than me, so I’m going to try to stick to her for as long as I possibly can.

Mr Beet and I are using parkrun as our speed training and it’s really excellent for that.  Even though it’s not really a race, because it’s an official timed run we really push ourselves to beat our times, much more than we would do if we were just going out for an ordinary training run.  Plus there is now an element of me vs. Mr Beet competition which also adds a little incentive!  Although I think last week was a fluke and I’m not confident that I’ll ever overtake Mr Beet again.  (Unless I do some secret speed training without him – sssshhhhh!).

We got chatting to a nice man at parkrun who is a sub-3 hour marathon runner and also an accredited coach so he’s our go-to-guy if we have any questions about training.  As Mr Beet and I were chatting to him, I felt a bit of a fraud.  We were talking about how we organise parkrun, how we’re signed up for the marathon, how we subscribe to runners world, races we’ve done and stuff.  It all made us sound like really hard core runners, but the fact is that we don’t actually do a lot of running.  Time to start walking the walk I think.

Since we have now signed up for the marathon, we need to start doing more than 5k, so on Sunday we ran down through Greenwich park and along the Thames for 10k.  This is the furthest I’ve run in absolutely yonks, so we took it very steadily – 1hr 7 min – which is slow, but the idea was just to get used to the distance again.  We also ran up the hill in Greenwich Park at 9k, which is not to be sniffed at!

The idea is to build up to 10 mile / 16k runs on a Sunday as a base, then we will start proper marathon training in about December.  Most important is to get in the habit of running regularly while the weather is good, so it’s not a horrible shock when we have to start running 4 times a week in the snow and rain.

After our long run we had a massive dinner of spaghetti and meatballs.  The marathon may be 11 months away, but it’s never too early to start carb loading.


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