Elephant Parade 2

I thought I was going to have to do a bit of investigating to find all the elephants, but in fact there’s a map of all the locations on the website so no sleuthing required.  Here is today’s selection:

Arty Elephant

No Left Turn Elephant

Spotty Elephant (just being installed – official Elephant Wrangler also in picture)

Red and White Elephant

Mermaid Elephant

Road Map Elephant

Shiny Gold Elephant

Leopard Print Elephant

Speech Bubble Elephant

Stripy Colours Elephant

Splotchy Colours Elephant


3 thoughts on “Elephant Parade 2

  1. I thought I knew the answer to this, but after the gold one above I feel I must check – are these official names, or your names for them? x

  2. My names! Shiny Gold Elephant is actually Oscar (I guess because he looks like an academy award). Red and White Elephant is Twiggy. Leopard Print Elephant is Bertie. One of them was called Oli but I can’t remember which.

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