Parkrun Picnic

We had a special parkrun event with a picnic and some fancy dress.  Thankfully some other runners joined in so that Mr Beet and I didn’t feel too foolish.

You know how some racehorses wear blinkers to help them run better.  I think my eye patch had a similar effect as I did a massive PB (Pirate Best) of 26.51.  Wahoo!!!!


Elephant Parade 14

An otherwise completely idle day was salvaged with a few elephant spots in the evening.

Bling Skeleton Elephant

Foliage Elephant

Plant Mohican Elephant

Rainbow Elephant

Noah’s Ark Elephant

Pink Elephant

Blotchy Elephant

Tower of Elephants

Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Elephant

Doves Elephant

Geese Elephant and scowling tourists

Giraffe Sunset Elephant

Gold Bejewelled Elephant

Indian Elephant

Greedy Elephant – look it has food.  There.

Big Ear Elephant – this elephant is actually called Mammoth Metaphor and is at Somerset House.  It’s not outside on the terrace like it says on the map, it’s inside on the Nelson staircase.  Top tip.


I was round a friend’s house watching The Hangover on dvd and his parents came back to the house just at a bit featuring topless strippers and I felt really embarrassed, like we’d been caught getting up to no good.  Had to pull myself together and remind myself that I’m pushing 30 and it’s ok for me to be watching 18 certificate films.  Even ones with boobies.