Frankie Boyle – Defatigable Spirit

I recently found out that back in the day, Frankie Boyle used to do taekwondo at the Glasgow club and came to summer course one year.  So his new tour might be called “I would happily punch each one of you in the face”, but he wouldn’t need to bother with me, because chances are we’ve already kicked the crap out of each other.  I’ve checked out his autobiography to see what he says tkd.

Fresh off the booze, I decided to take up taekwondo, which I loved but was pretty terrible at.  There was a really great school in Glasgow run by a proper Korean grandmaster [err… Master Loh’s Malaysian…] and I’d do that two or three days a week.  I even went on a week’s training camp at one point.  The whole thing is built on “Indomitable Spirit”, an ability to never give in.  During camp I found that I had “Defatigible Spirit” and gave in.  I really miss it, actually.  My next tour is going to be the last one and hopefully I can get into a martial art after it’s all over.  There’s no way that being able to do a rowdy gig in Hull makes you cooler than somebody who can punch their way through a wall. “

I hope he does come back to it.  I had two years off while I was working all hours, but when you come back to it it’s amazing how much your legs remember, even if your brain doesn’t.  And he shouldn’t be hard on himself about summer course, last time I did it I was 21 and training 5 times a week and it was still a complete ordeal.  In fact, my friend Liz has just had a baby and described her 24+ hour labour as “about as bad as summer course”.


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