2 Lives Down, 7 To Go

My Mum and Dad’s cat Libby went missing the weekend before last.  Not like her to be gone for any length of time, so when I went round there last weekend, they were resigned to the worst.  They hadn’t told me about it though, so the first I knew of it was when I saw the “Missing Cat” posters on the walk over there 😦

But after 11 days missing, she sauntered back in through the catflap today like nothing had happened.  Who knows what adventures she’s been having?

She’s easily the most trouble of any cat my Mum and Dad have ever had.  Last year she limped back one day with a broken leg and my parents had to spend a fortune so that she didn’t end up a three-legged cat.  She was meant to be under house arrest for 3 months while she recovered, but even with her plaster cast she was pretty speedy so she kept escaping.  Here’s a picture of her looking none too impressed with her cast.

Very happy that she’s back in one piece 🙂


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