Jesus Loves Me (but not you)

Mr Beet, despite showing no religious inclinations for most of the year, is a fully paid up Roman Catholic at Christmas and Easter.  Well, kind of….he did think yesterday was Ash Wednesday until I (a heathen) corrected him.  This means that I sometimes get dragged along to Church services and while I don’t mind too much at Christmas, where everyone is in a good mood and there are some good tunes to sing, the Easter ones are a bit of a pain.

I think I am getting out of it this year because we are going on holiday, but I was a couple of years ago we went to an Easter service at what we thought looked like a nice modern, friendly Church.  The service was filled with kids and people like us who probably go twice a year.  So what did the priest think would be a good topic for his sermon?  “Love thy neighbour” maybe?  No chance – it was all about how the increase in gay rights is an attack on the church.  He even said that if two men came to him and asked to be married in the church and he said no – he’d be sent to prison!  Errr…no father… I think you’ll find that’s a “lie”, and I’m pretty sure there a commandment against that too.  I wish I’d walked out at that point to be honest.  But I was at the back anyway so it wouldn’t have been a very dramatic gesture.  Plus, it’s a bit much to go to a Catholic church service and then complain that they’re saying stuff that offends my liberal sensibilities.

I have to be fair and say that I have also been to a Catholic christening at which the priest seemed very nice and reasonable and even said that by the time the baby (a girl) was grown up, maybe there would be women priests in the Catholic church, and I think he meant that this would be a good thing rather than an abomination.  So in conclusion: Catholic priests – some are nice, some aren’t.

While we’re talking about Catholics, when Pope John Paul II’s death was all over the news a few years ago, someone I worked with said; “The Pope’s Jewish isn’t he?….no….what do I mean?….not Jewish…Polish, that’s it.” Heh.


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