Catfood Pedant

There’s an advert for whiskers on TV at the moment (click replay if it doesn’t start automatically).  Starring Lucy (silver tabby) and Alfie (tortie and white).  Except torties are (almost) always female.  I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume Alfie was short for Alfreda, but “he’ll be back again tomorrow”…hmmm….you would have thought Whiskers knew more about cats than that.  I realise that this is slightly tragic that I know this.  Also, how boring is the woman’s dinner?  The catfood looks appetising by comparison.

The other advert that makes me laugh is this one –  “feeling yourself again”.  Snigger.

I seriously need to reconsider my viewing habits if I’m the target audience for catfood and thrush treatment.


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