Saturday Well Spent (Hats and Cake)

Mr Beet and I stopped off to Discover Greenwich this weekend.  A little museum, with a microbrewery attached (you can guess why Mr Beet wanted to check it out).  There was a selection of hats to try on.

Mr Beet was a commander and I was an admiral.  I’m not sure who outranks whom.

Mr Beet in a medieval helmet.  There’s also a photo of me, but it’s pretty similar.

Mr Beet as a Greenwich pensioner.  The tunic was kind of small.  Almost as if it was meant for children…

We then stopped faffing about so Mr Beet could try the microbrewery.

We also went here for a pot of tea.  Mr Beet had a scone, cream and jam, and I had orange marmalade cake with ice cream.  Highly recommended and very reasonable.  A stroll back through Greenwich park with the daffs in bloom, an afternoon nap and then lights out for earthhour.  We really should have timed the nap to coincide with lights out, but we didn’t think of that.


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