Off to my second parkrun today, but this time as a volunteer (the idea is that all runners volunteer to help run the race from time to time, meaning that everyone gets the chance to run most of the time).  My job was to hand out tokens to people as they finished, which are used to match up the runner to their finishing time.  Mr Beet very carefully explained to me the intricacies of this role, stressing several times that I should take out 20 tokens at a time and if I should drop a token I shouldn’t pick it up but just hand out the next one.  I think this is for parkruns with hundreds of runners.  We had 9 runners and they were comfortably spaced out so I had plenty of time to drop things, pick them up, tie my shoelace while I was down there etc etc.

We had a runner who only managed 2 laps of the course last week, but came back this week and did the whole thing.  Excellent work.


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