One Born Every Minute

I saw the last programme in this series about women giving birth.  It made me think that my Mum really earned her trip to see Hairspray on mother’s day.

Thanks Mum


100th Post and Major Celebrity Spotting 7 & 8

This is my 100th post.  Wahoo!  I saw this coming on the horizon a few weeks ago and thought I should write something special to mark the occasion, but then it sort of snuck up on me without having prepared anything.  I needn’t have worried, because what could be more fitting to celebrate my blog centenary than a royal visit.

Today’s celebrity spots are the Queen and Prince Philip*.  I got a whistle blown at me by a policeman on a motorbike as I was trying to cross the road and then a very posh car with a flag on top  went past, much to the delight of some excitable nearby tourists.  Of course, I played it cool and acted as though we Londoners regularly see our head of state and consort about town.

Hmmm… I was going to have an end of year vote as to who everybody thought was the most famous celebrity I had spotted, but I think HRH has blown the competition, such as it was, out of the water.

* I think this is the first celebrity spot where the linked picture is superfluous.

Jack Bauers Out

So, no more series of 24.  This used to be an absolute must-watch programme for me, for the first couple of series at least.  Then it all went a bit bonkers, with Jack Bauer torturing someone every episode.  Sometimes not even the bad guys.  I think it really jumped the shark in series 4 when a lawyer from Amnesty turns up to try to stop someone being tortured and is portrayed as a baddie – a lackey of the terrorists.  That was the last series I’ve watched, so JB may have since cleaned up his act, or if the downward trajectory has continued series 8 probably saw him torturing kittens and Joanna Lumley.

Catfood Pedant

There’s an advert for whiskers on TV at the moment (click replay if it doesn’t start automatically).  Starring Lucy (silver tabby) and Alfie (tortie and white).  Except torties are (almost) always female.  I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume Alfie was short for Alfreda, but “he’ll be back again tomorrow”…hmmm….you would have thought Whiskers knew more about cats than that.  I realise that this is slightly tragic that I know this.  Also, how boring is the woman’s dinner?  The catfood looks appetising by comparison.

The other advert that makes me laugh is this one –  “feeling yourself again”.  Snigger.

I seriously need to reconsider my viewing habits if I’m the target audience for catfood and thrush treatment.

Yummy Curry

I had a really nice chickpea and potato dish at a nepalese restaurant the other day, so I thought I’d have a bash at a chickpea and potato curry.  I got a bit carried away and decided to try my hand at naan bread as well.  The naan bread recipe was from the hairy bikers, and the curry from Market Kitchen.

Kneading the naan dough.  The recipe says knead for 20-25 minutes so Mr Beet and I took it in shifts.

Curry – yummy.  Even Mr Beet liked it, although he did mention that it would be even nicer with chicken.

Naan bread and bhajis – need to be a bit thinner and not so cooked so they’re a bit softer.