Minor Celebrity Spotting 1

I work near the BBC radio building and a posh hotel, so I often see celebrities on my way to and from work.  These range from the very minor (Leo Sayer) to the middling (Gok Wan – twice) to genuine stars (Madonna).

Today’s celebrity spot is….Paul Ross

The problem with seeing these celebrities is that my brain sends me the signal that I recognise them about 5 seconds before it realises where I recognise them from.  So in that 5 seconds I often think – I know this person, where do I know them from?, are they a client?, I’d better be friendly and acknowledge them – *smile, nod* – aaah, they’re someone off the telly, they don’t know me, they’re wondering why this strange woman is smiling at them – *abort smile, feign nonchalance, try to turn nod into looking at watch*.

I can only hope that they get this sort of thing all the time and are used to it.


One thought on “Minor Celebrity Spotting 1

  1. Ooh I have a reaction whereby I recognise them immediately, but waste the precious 5 seconds it takes to walk by scrambling to get my phone/ camera, then end up getting a photo of the back of their head

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